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Pullover by AnywaysKids

Pullover by AnywaysKids

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Fulfilled by our friends at AnywaysKids

All of Anyways' products can be worn inside-out and backwards!  Any way children choose to wear this long sleeved shirt is the right way!  Make hectic mornings easier with the quick, convenient, easy way to get kids dressed! PLUS kids look adorable and feel comfortable when they’re in their Anyways!  

  • Made of 100% cotton
  • Wash Cold, Dry Low
  • Items will experience some shrinking in a normal wash and dry cycle
  • Size and logo printed at bottom 
  • Flat seams and no tags
    • Super comfortable on even our most sensory-sensitive friends
  • Can be worn with any side facing forward and any side facing out
    • Innovative, ingenious design makes for fail-proof dressing.
    • Ideal for children just learning how to dress themselves (or the ones who have been practicing for years and still end up with clothes on inside-out)  
    • Promotes independence and confidence 
    • Simplifies dressing and laundry routines
    • Items are identical back to front but vary slightly inside and outside.  
  • Gender-neutral designs and colors
    • No fuss mixing and matching
  • Play-proof construction
    • Strong seams won't fray or split no matter how wild your child gets.
    • Perfect weight fabric...breathable enough to run around in, but sturdy enough to hand these basics down kid after kid after kid 
  • Available in 6 bold and beautiful colors
    • Splash - a super fun and brilliant blue.
    • Seaglass - a gorgeous turquoise that gives off major beach vibes.
    • Sunrise - a spectacular shade of yellow/orange.  A new spin on the trendy mustard, honey, sunflower yellows.
    • Piglet - the cutest pink we could find.  Adds the perfect amount of pep to any child’s outfit.
    • Pickle - the greenest of greens.  Looks fantastic on absolutely everyone.
    • Cran Jam - a Deliciously juicy & festively cheery dark red.
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