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Sheets & Giggles

Eucalyptus Sheets by Sheets & Giggles

Eucalyptus Sheets by Sheets & Giggles

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Fulfilled by our friends at Sheets & Giggles


  • Sheet Sets Include: 1 flat sheet, 1 fitted sheet, and 2 pillowcases.
    • King and Cal-King sets have King pillowcases.
    • Queen and Full set have Queen pillowcases.
    • Split King includes 2 Twin XL fitted sheets, 1 King flat sheet, and 2 King pillowcases.
    • Twin Regular and Twin XL sets have just 1 Queen pillowcase.
  • Colors: Bright White, Pearl (Off-White), Charcoal Grey, Light Blue, Royal Purple, Midnight Navy, Mint Green
  • Sizes: Queen, King, Full, Cal-King, Split King, Twin, and Twin XL
  • 100% Eucalyptus Lyocell made from Eucalyptus trees renewably grown on sustainably managed, responsibly governed farms that don't deplete natural Eucalyptus forests.

Shipping Information

  • Free return shipping: no questions asked, no arbitrary time limits (the “try for 100 days” thing everyone else does is weird).

The Good Sheet

  • Naturally softer, more breathable, and more moisture-wicking than cotton.
  • Sustainably made. Using up to 96% less water than cotton sheets, each sheet set we make saves an estimated 5 years' worth of the average person's drinking water vs a cotton set.
  • Hypoallergenic, zero static, zero pesticides used.
  • Extra deep pockets on our fitted sheets fit up to 20” thick mattresses comfortably, with the side benefit of fitting regular mattresses even better. Thick elastic runs all the way around.
  • Eucalyptus knapsack packaging: Sheets and duvet covers come in S&G brand knapsacks that fit a full laptop or yoga mat :)

Sustainably Made, with Near-Zero Waste

Our sheets have a near-zero environmental impact, with up to:

• 96% less water used than cotton

• 30% less energy used than cotton

• Zero pesticides or insecticides (cotton uses ~16% of the world's insecticides)

• Zero-plastic packaging for most sheet sets and comforters.

Clever Corners

Helpful tags tell you which corner goes where so you spend less time making the bed and more time sleeping in it.

Curl up, sleep in.

If you've tried sleep before and it didn't work out, maybe it's because you weren't using S&G sheets.

"I’ve been searching for years for sheets that don’t make my husband and I sweat at night. He never slept through the night until I bought these. They are so comfortable and don’t make you sweat!"


11 MAR 2020

"Ordered these days after my husband left me to change the energy of our/my bed. They’re so soft and luxurious... I never even think about him!"


27 MAR 2020

"I gave Sheets & Giggles a chance and they’ve ruined my a good way. I just want to live in bed now!"


06 DEC 2019

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