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Sense-ational You

Compression Lined Sensory-Friendly T-shirt

Compression Lined Sensory-Friendly T-shirt

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Fulfilled by our friends at Sense-ational You

Our Sensory Friendly T-shirt  with a hidden compression lining!

The compression shirt has a lining that is fully adjustable from both sides using velcro- just like a compression vest. This allows for an increase or decrease of sensory input as needed to keep them regulated. The compression shirt can even be set to give no compression. 

Outer shirt is made of 100% Cotton Jersey.

Compression lining is made of 92% Polyester and 8% spandex

Compression Shirts for Autism

Inspiration Behind the Garment

Our Compression Lined T-Shirt, designed specifically as a Compression Shirt for Autism, was born out of the need to provide a more convenient solution for individuals requiring sensory input, particularly neurodiverse children, both in school settings and at home. The idea stemmed from personal experiences in the classroom, where weighted or compression vests were often stored away, making it challenging to access them quickly when needed most. With limited staff and the ever present threat of unpredictability, finding the right time to retrieve the vest wasn't always feasible. Imagine being on the playground when a child with autism needs support – you can't just leave them to grab a vest, as chaos can erupt. That's where the inspiration for this innovative garment came to life.

Designed for Convenience

Originally, our Compression Lined T-Shirt was conceived as a non-adjustable, clean athletic compression lining. However, input from occupational therapists and the evolving understanding of sensory plans led us to design it with adjustability in mind. This feature ensures that users can tailor the compression to their specific needs, avoiding discomfort or desensitization from prolonged compression. Plus, therapists emphasized the importance of not having to take it on and off throughout the day – you can simply wear it and adjust the compression as needed.

When to Wear It

There's no one-size-fits-all answer to when our Compression Lined T-Shirt should be worn. Sensory diets vary from child to child, with some needing sensory input in 20 minute increments, while others wear it all day. What's consistent, though, is the benefit of proprioceptive input that our garment provides. It helps increase bodily awareness, calming the nervous system and aiding in focus and attention. It's an ideal choice for sensory seekers, those who crave tight hugs, jumping and crashing into things, and the comforting feeling of weighted blankets and compression sheets.

Thoughtful Design

Our T-Shirt is designed in collaboration with occupational therapists to meet the unique needs of neurodiverse individuals. Made from four-way stretch materials, it offers compression in all directions while leaving extra room in the armpit area for comfort. But what sets it apart is its discretion – it doesn't look like a typical weighted vest. It's discreet, ensuring that kids with autism can wear it without drawing unwanted attention or questions from peers.

Why It's Great for (Some) Children with Autism

Our Compression Lined T-Shirt, designed specifically as a compression Shirt for Autism, is a game-changer for some neurodiverse children who need calming sensory input. It offers the sensation of a tight hug and security without the need for another person, reducing anxiety and promoting independence. It aids in calming the body and nervous system, improving bodily awareness, and enhancing attention and focus. For children with autism who are dysregulated, this garment can make all the difference in helping them stay on track and engaged in learning.

Our Compression Lined T-Shirt is more than just clothing – it's a solution that empowers neurodiverse children to thrive and feel comfortable in their own skin, supporting them in their unique sensory journeys. Give your child with autism the gift of discreet, adjustable, and effective sensory input with our Compression Lined T-Shirt.

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