Meet Touchy Feely


Meet Touchy Feely 

Hi 👋  We help highly sensitive people overcome the stress of modern life. If you're dealing with things like chronic illness, sensory overload, or mental health challenges, or, if you're neurodivergent, you're in the right place.

Why We're Here

Our founder, Kendra Koch, worked in wellness for over a decade. As an expert in the industry, she knew all the latest tools and resources, yet she still struggled with overwhelm, fatigue and a host of unexplained symptoms like headaches. Then, at age 34, in her 5th year of therapy, she received a diagnosis—ADHD and C-PTSD. Finally, her life experiences made sense. After receiving proper treatment and learning how to better manage her sensory sensitivities and overwhelm, she decided to create a space on the internet that made finding resources and sensory-friendly products easy—all while fostering a judgement-free community and smashing stigma. 

Our Mission

Our mission is simple—to help people adapt to our rapidly evolving world while simultaneously making the world a less prickly place to be.

Mental health isn’t just about the mind. It includes physical, relational and emotional health too. Our bodies need to feel safe, eat real food, move in the sunshine, play with friends, and experience consistent deep sleep. Yet, in today’s chaotic modern world, it's hard to get what we need! 

Think of us as your shortcut to wellness. We're here to cut through the noise by bringing you information and products that actually work so you can spend your life thriving, not just surviving. 

Thanks for being here!