Meet Touchy Feely


Meet Touchy Feely 

Touchy Feely was designed to help highly sensitive and neurodivergent folks overcome the stress of modern life, however, all of us need support. So whether you’re dealing with anxiety, suspect you might be an HSP or empath, are neurodivergent, or simply want more tools to deal with modern life, we're here for you. 

Our Mission

Our mission is simple—to help people adapt to our rapidly evolving world while simultaneously making the world a less prickly place to be. 

Mental health isn’t just about the mind. It includes physical, relational and emotional health too. Our bodies need to feel safe, eat real food, move in the sunshine, play with friends, and experience consistent deep sleep. Yet, in today’s chaotic modern world, getting the support we need is challenging.

Current problems like environmental pollution, disconnection from community, demanding jobs, systemic poverty and discrimination, information overload, and an always-on, negative news cycle impacts our overall well-being profoundly and ultimately make us all more sensitive.

Thriving in today’s world is complicated, at best. Yet, some people are doing just that. We want one of those people to be you.